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Need you to write letters to the editors “Why I am Marching on January 20th” – end your letter with “First We March, Then We Vote!” Submit to editor, then email your letter to Greg Walden
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Here is letter I submitted to The Daily Courier last night.
On January 20th I’m participating in the Women’s March. It’s important to show my respect for my sisters during these troubling times. We have a man in the White House who clearly does not respect women – he feels he can just grab them by their pussy when he wants. He demonstrates no respect for other people, cultures, countries. He makes horribly insulting statements about how a particular country is made up completely of rapists, in another country everyone has AIDS, he looks down at people who live in huts, and he has called Haiti and African counties sh**holes. He thinks he can get away by simply denying any bad behavior or language. How long will he get away with his lies? Does he think we’re all deaf and blind?
Sister and brothers, don’t let this man get you down. It’s hard to take the daily deluge of bad news and see our great country become the laughing stock of the world. We need to wake up, shake off the blues, and start taking action. 2018 is the year of getting out the vote. Our actions will have impact. One single vote made a difference in Virginia.
On the 20th, I’m putting my pussy hat on and marching with my sisters and their allies. I’m putting our representatives on notice. Especially you, Mr. Walden. Start listening to your constituents and acting on what we are asking of you. Remember – FIRST WE MARCH, THEN WE VOTE.

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