Rogue Indivisible Commentary & Actions 5-4-2017

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Good Evening suzanne

Weary not Wary!

I’ve recently read a few articles about protest fatigue and I’ve heard from a few of you that you’re concerned our members are getting weary from getting “assaulted” by the daily news and not knowing if our actions are having impact. Well, consider this!    On the “marching” front, there is a motivating article in the Washington Post that stated people are NOT getting tired, they are getting inspired! A scientist who studies protests says ‘the resistance’ isn’t slowing down.    Now imagine living in a country where you’ve had the same leader for 17 years. Protests are quashed and protesters arrested – and still over 150,000 protesters risk severe repercussions  protesting for democracy.        Yes, that’s Russia. On March 26th there were nationwide protests.    I count myself lucky to belong to an organization, Rogue Indivisible, where I can be re-motivated daily by the actions of our members. I don’t have to be wary of being arrested when we march peacefully. And, I’ve read and heard from many different sources that our protests (in whatever form) are indeed having an impact.    Remember to take a day off from the news and take care of yourself,  and your loved ones. Allow yourself to get angry at this administration and focus that energy on education, actions, and persistence. Remember you are not alone – we’re all here to support each other. Thank you again for every individual thing you do, no action is too small or not immensely important.

Education Opportunity

What: David Smith (Steering Committee member and lead for Congress & Healthcare teams) is willing to offer training for those who would like to learn more about advocacy and organizing methods. Training is based upon a combination of what David has learned in social work grad school and the training that was provided in early April.    We want more of our members to have the tools to be effective, to build our leadership team, and generally to make us all more impactful in the work we do within and outside of Rogue Indivisible.    David will conduct this session, IF there is enough members reply. When: Date TBD, 2 hour session Action: Email if interested or to get more information.

Daily Actions Suggestions

Rogue Indivisible purposely doesn’t send emails every day – many of our members get action requests via email, texts and create your own. Please email with additional suggestions, so that we can add them to the list on our website. Daily Activities Check Daily: Daily Action on Facebook Weekly list of actions: Indivisible Actions and Alerts: (scroll to bottom of page to sign up)   Daily information on Current Legislation – resource to keep track of laws and developments, vote daily on current bills – click HERE   Smartphone Users – Receive Text Reminders (Message rates may apply) – Sign up for text alert by sending “DAILY” to 228466 OR Call 844-241-1141 – listen to message, enter zip code; you will automatically be connected to one of your senator’s Oregon offices. Directly calling their DC office is actually better but listen to daily message for script ideas. – sign up at Sierra Club – sign up at Mom’s Rising – sign up at Postcard Services Tiny Hands – send physical postcards Love Letters – remind our representatives (in the House and Senate) the reasons we love America and the values we expect them to uphold! Suzanne, Steering Committee Member and Communications Team

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