Course to Help People Lead Simpler, More Environmentally Friendly Life by Trish Haas

These days so many of us seem to be rushing.  We are preoccupied with world events, work, media devices, our “to do” list, etc.  How do all of these affect our enjoyment of life, our relationships, and the environment? Some researchers report that the American “happiness quotient” is steadily declining each year.   What can we do?

A Voluntary Simplicity course is now being organized to begin Monday, May 22nd in Grants Pass.  . It will be a chance for participants to each consider what we value most in life and how we actually want to spend our time. 

Voluntary Simplicity is one of ten courses offered by The Northwest Earth Institute (  They provide a companion book with 3 or 4 articles to read each week and questions for participants to consider individually and then discuss as a group.  Topics covered include: the impact of consumption of goods and media on our lives and on the Earth, the meaning of simplicity, living more with less, and finding balance in our lives.

There is no cost for the class. There is a cost for the course book that could vary between $25 and $35 depending on when you order it. Those who attend will have the opportunity to make a small voluntary contribution towards the operating costs of the meeting space.   

Beginning Monday, May 22nd Voluntary Simplicity will meet from 12:00 – 1:30 PM for five weeks at 243 SW J Street.  Registration is required, as space is limited to 8 to 14 participants.    Please contact Trish at 541-862-2377 to learn more or to register.

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