Daily Actions

The Rogue Indivisible Team purposely doesn’t send emails every day – many of our members already get enough action requests via email, texts and create your own.

Daily Action Suggestions 

Check Daily: https://5calls.org/

Daily Action on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YourDailyAction/

Weekly list of actions: https://jenniferhofmann.com/

Indivisible Actions and Alerts: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/about-us/ (scroll to bottom of page to sign up)

Daily information on current legislation

Countable.us – resource to keep track of laws and developments, vote daily on current bills – click HERE

Smartphone Users – Receive Text Reminders (Message rates may apply)

Daily Calls – Sign up for text alert by sending “DAILY” to 228466 OR Call 844-241-1141 – listen to message, enter zip code; you will automatically be connected to one of your senator’s Oregon offices. Directly calling their DC office is actually better but listen to daily message for script ideas.

MoveOn.org – sign up at https://act.moveon.org/survey/get-texts-moveon

Sierra Club – sign up at http://sierraclub.org/take-action

Mom’s Rising – sign up at http://action.momsrising.org/sign/momsraisethewage/

Postcard Services

https://tinyhandsmail.com/ send physical postcards

https://www.loveletteramerica.com/ – remind our representatives (in the House and Senate) the reasons we love America and the values we expect them to uphold

Is the site you use missing? Please email team@rogueindivisible.org and share so that we add here.