Marc Mason

Grew up: Kansas City, MO

How long in area: 2 years

First and most current job: In the 80s and 90s I was as a CPA and restaurant owner.  I'm currently a wellness coach and have been on the wellness track since 1999.

Family/Pets: My wife and I have four children between us and one big goofy dog.  Our kids are all grown and live across the country back east.

Hobbies: I love to hike, scuba dive, travel and dabble at downhill skiing.  I enjoy working with wood and occasionally helping in the yard.

Most proud of: My family and kids.

Not many people know this about you: I once helped take a tiny company public only to see it grow so fast that my tiny local accounting firm was replaced by an international firm. A tactical success that lead to its own strategic loss (and an important life lesson).

Currently reading: Nothing of cultural importance.  Mostly reading as background research for current projects.

Why you joined Rogue Indivisible: I joined the Rogue Indivisible to encourage open-mindedness and free thought and to share with others because it's important to foster and support alternatives to right-wing thoughts and especially, legislation.